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The 12 Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipes

The 12 Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipes

Let’s be honest. Smoking chicken breasts can be intimidating. The fear of ending up with dry chicken can turn anyone away from smoking chicken breast.

The best way to ensure you don’t end up with overcooked chicken breast is to use the right recipe. The right recipe will produce tender, moist chicken breast.

That’s why we made things easier on you by searching high and low for the best smoked chicken breast recipes on the planet.

The Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipes

1. Ultimate Smoked Chicken Breast

This smoked chicken breast recipe contains the makings of a delicious meal.

The chicken breasts are brined with onions, carrots, brown sugar, black peppercorns, salt, and bay leaves, then seasoned with a dry rub.

Next, the chicken breast are seared in oil and butter until the skin is crispy.

The chicken breasts are smoked for 1 hour and then coated with the most delicious BBQ sauce creating a delicious lunch or dinner.

2. Easy, Juicy Smoked Chicken Breast

If you are going to smoke chicken breast, why not do it the easy way? This smoked chicken breast recipe only contains a few simple, easy-to-read steps.

Best of all, this smoked chicken breast recipe is whole 30 and paleo-friendly. So it’s perfect for people who have specialized diets, like diabetics or gluten-free folks.

Overall, you will have smoky, juicy, smoked chicken breasts without all the hard work.

3. Traeger Smoked Chicken Breast

This chicken breast is reminiscent of a lemon herb roasted chicken. However, it is different because this chicken breast has tons of smoky flavor.

Sliced lemons and garlic are stuffed under the chicken skin, along with fresh rosemary and thyme.

This infuses the chicken breasts with flavor. It also helps keep the chicken moist and juicy.

4. Smoked Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Breast

Bacon will make anything taste good, including chicken breast. But this recipe does not stop at wrapping the chicken with bacon.

The chicken breasts are stuffed to make the chicken breast even more delicious.

The chicken breasts are stuffed with mushrooms and spinach to make them healthier. The chicken breasts are also smoked with hickory wood to give them a robust smoky flavor.

5. Tender, Juicy BBQ Smoked Chicken Breasts!

To make these tender, moist chicken breasts, you only need 3 ingredients. Chicken breasts, olive oil, and BBQ rub are all you need to make this delicious recipe.

The chicken breasts are pounded to help them cook more evenly and keep them from drying out.

Next, they are massaged with oil and BBQ rub and smoked until tender and juicy. This is the easiest low-effort recipe that yields delicious results.

6. Smoked Chicken Breast Stuffed with Cheese and Chorizo

Stuffed chicken is already delicious. But add diced Spanish chorizo and shredded cheese, and you’ve got a chicken breast recipe that people will be raving about for years.

Spanish chorizo is a cured, hard, or sausage. It’s known for its sweet or spicy flavor and red color from the paprika. It adds a delicious flare to the stuffed chicken breast.

7. Smoked Chicken Breasts

Up next is another simple yet easy smoked chicken breast recipe.

The chicken is drizzled with olive oil and then rubbed with a dry rub, giving this bird all its flavor. After that, the chicken breasts are smoked until they are tender and juicy.

It’s that simple and easy. Plus, you don’t even need BBQ sauce. The chicken breast is flavorful enough on its own.

8. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Chicken

If you love jalapeno chicken, you must try this bacon wrapped jalapeno chicken breast.

Fresh jalapenos are stuffed with cream cheese, cheddar cheese, and BBQ rub and then placed into the middle of a split chicken breast.

But instead of adding bacon to the jalapeno pepper filling, the chicken breasts are wrapped in bacon.

The bacon fat will render and baste the chicken breasts, keeping them moist and juicy.

9. Flavorful Smoked Chicken Breasts

If you’ve got an Oklahoma Joe smoker, it’s time to pull that baby out because this recipe was made for you.

The chicken breasts are smoked with a simple mixture of salt, black pepper, and garlic powder.

I know what you’re thinking; this can’t be enough to make the chicken breast flavorful. Remember, the chicken breast will get the flavor from the smoke.

Additionally, the chicken breasts are slathered with a sweet and tangy BBQ sauce which gives the meat unimaginable flavor.

10. Simple Smoked Chicken Breast

Smoked chicken breast is perfect if you are a fan of meal prepping. Meal prepping refers to cooking foods like chicken in advance and eating them at a later date.

It’s ideal because you can take your chicken breast out of the fridge and nuke them in the microwave.

With 6 simple ingredients and a smoker, you will have a delicious healthy protein that’s perfect for meal prep.

11. Oven Smoked Crusted Chicken Breasts

Did you know you can make smoked chicken breasts in the oven? You absolutely can! You can get the best smoked chicken using liquid smoke and smoked paprika.

Although indoor smoked chicken may not sit well with some BBQ experts, this recipe comes in handy. It’s perfect for when it’s raining or snowing.

It’s also ideal if you are feeling lazy and don’t want to want to set up your smoker.

12. Brined Smoked Chicken Breasts

Don’t let the name fool you; this chicken breast recipe is full of flavor. The chicken breasts are brined for up to 6 hours.

Brining the chicken breasts helps them retain moisture. The chicken breasts are smoked until they reach the perfect temperature of 165°F, creating moist and juicy meat.

Homemade Barbecue Smoked Chicken

The Best Smoked Chicken Breast Recipes

We made things easier on you by searching high and low for the best smoked chicken breast recipes on the planet.
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