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How Long to Smoke a Brisket at 275

How Long to Smoke a Brisket at 275

Brisket is a versatile cut of beef. It will taste good no matter how you cook it. 

However, something about smoked brisket stands out above all the other cooking methods.

Smoking the brisket infuses it with a beautiful smoky flavor that can’t be replicated by any other cooking method. 

The temperature plays an important role in creating a delicious, juicy brisket.

Is 275 Too Hot for Brisket?

Some people believe smoking brisket at 275°F is too high. Most people prefer to smoke brisket at 225°F. However, as long as the brisket is smoked between 225°F and 275°F, the brisket will still be moist and juicy. 

Based on the size of the brisket, you may have to check the brisket’s internal temperature after 4-6 hours. 

Tips for Smoking Brisket at 275

Smoking a brisket is not as easy as placing it into the smoker. If it were that easy to smoke brisket, every person on the planet would be a brisket expert by now. Use these tips to ensure your brisket comes out perfectly. 

Whole Packer Brisket

Purchase a whole-packer brisket. A whole packer brisket includes the flat and the point. 

It’s much easier to overcook the flat or the point cut. However, it’s much harder to overcook a whole-packer brisket. 

When purchasing a brisket, use the fold test. Try to fold the two ends of the brisket. If the meat folds easily, it is a sign the brisket is tough. 

Trimming the Brisket

Whole packer briskets usually come untrimmed. So, you will have to trim the brisket. 

It’s best to use a sharp knife that is at least 14-inches in length. Also, use a knife that feels comfortable in your hands. 

Make sure your brisket is cold. The colder it is, the easier the fat will be to trim. 

Do not remove all the fat from the brisket. The fat will add moisture to the brisket. Trim the fat cap until it is 1/4-1/2-inch thick. 

Brisket’s Final Temperature

Smoke the brisket until it is between a temperature of 195°F and 200°F. The ideal temperature is 203°F. 

So, remove the brisket when it has a temperature of 195°F-197°F. The briskets temperature will continue to rise 5-10 degrees as it rests.

When the brisket is ready to serve, it will have a temperature of 203°F. 

Let It Rest

The last tip for smoking brisket is to let it rest. If you do not let your cooked brisket rest, the juices will spill onto the cutting board rather than stay in the meat. So, let your brisket rest for at least 30 minutes before you slice it. 

How Long to Smoke a Brisket at 275

When it comes to smoking brisket, the equation is 45-60 minutes per hour. For example, smoking a 2-pound brisket will take 1 1/2-2 hours to smoke at 275°F. 

How Long to Smoke a 3-Pound Brisket

It takes 2 1/2-3 hours to cook a 3-pound brisket. Although 5 hours seems like a long time for a small brisket, if the brisket has a high-fat content, it will withstand the long smoking process without drying out. 

How Long to Smoke a 10 Pound Brisket at 275

A 10-pound brisket will take about 15-20 hours to cook. However, do not solely depend on the cooking time. Use a thermometer to check the brisket’s internal temperature after 6 hours. 

How Long to Smoke a 13-Pound Brisket

Brisket takes about 45-60 minutes to cook at 275°F. A 13-pound brisket will take 9 hours and 45 minutes to 13 hours. However, check the brisket after 9 hours and 45 minutes to ensure it does not dry out. 

How Long to Smoke a 14 Pound Brisket at 275

Unfortunately, smoking brisket can take longer than expected. Nevertheless, it will all be worth it once you eat the delicious smoky brisket. 

Since 14 pounds is a lot of brisket, you will need to start early. A 14-pound brisket will take 10 1/2-14 hours to cook. 

Check the temperature of the brisket after 10 1/2 hours to see if it is done. If not, check the brisket’s temperature every hour. 

How Long to Smoke a 15 Pound Brisket at 275

A 10-pound brisket will take about 15- 18 hours to smoke at 275°F. However, remember to check the temperature of the brisket halfway through the cooking process. Once it is cooked, let the brisket rest for 30 minutes. 

How Long to Smoke a 20 Pound Brisket at 275

A 20-pound brisket is a large cut of beef. So, I would not suggest newbies try to smoke such a large brisket. It’s better to stick with a 10–12-pound brisket.  

Nevertheless, using the 45-60 minutes equation, a 20-pound brisket will take 17-20 hours. 

How Long to Smoke Brisket Flat at 275

As I mentioned above, it’s better to smoke a whole-packer brisket instead of a flat or point cut. However, if you must, smoke the brisket flat for about 6-8 hours. 

Again, the cooking time depends on the weight and thickness of the brisket flat. The temperature of the smoker will also affect the flat’s cooking time. 

For example, a 7-pound brisket flat will take 4-5 hours to smoke. An 8-pound flat cut will take about 6-8 hours to cook at 275°F. 

Always take the flat’s temperature before removing it from the smoker. The cooking time is a general guideline; it is not set in stone. 

The flat should have a temperature of 200°F. You can remove the brisket flat from the smoker at 190°F if desired. The brisket temperature will rise to 200°F as it rests. 

Final Thoughts

How long to smoke brisket at 275°F depends on a few factors. The weight and size will affect the brisket’s cooking time. Smoke your brisket between 10 and 17 hours for the best results.