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How Long to Smoke Asparagus at 250

How Long to Smoke Asparagus at 250

Smoked asparagus is the perfect side dish that pairs with many dishes. However, if you are smoking asparagus, you must know how long to smoke asparagus. 

It will be undercooked if you don’t smoke the asparagus long enough. In contrast, it will be overcooked if you don’t smoke the asparagus long enough. 

Smoke asparagus at 250°F for 35-45 minutes. It will be tender and delicious. 

Can You Overcook Smoked Asparagus?

Whether you smoke, grill, or sauté asparagus, you can overcook asparagus. Asparagus should be tender but still crisp. It will be limp, mushy, and dull green if it is overcooked. 

What’s the Best Wood for Smoking Asparagus

Usually, the wood choice is tailored to the type of food you are smoking. However, asparagus is a little bit different. 

You can use the same wood you use to smoke your protein to smoke the asparagus. However, many kinds of wood pair well with asparagus, so you do not have to limit yourself to using the same wood you use to smoke the meat. 


There are many types of hardwood. However, hickory and mesquite woods are by far the most popular choices. 

Usually, hickory and mesquite woods are too concentrated for certain meats like chicken and turkey. However, these woods pair beautifully with asparagus. 

Asparagus is smoked for a relatively short time. Therefore, the spears will not be smoked long enough for the mesquite or hickory wood to overpower their flavor. 

Furthermore, the robust flavor of the asparagus is strong enough to stand up to these concentrated woods. 

You can also use other wood hardwoods such as cherry, applewood, or pecan. Each wood will give the asparagus a different flavor. 

For example, cherry or apple wood will give the asparagus a subtle, sweet yet fruity flavor. In contrast, pecan wood will give the asparagus a mild nutty flavor. 


Do not use softwood to smoke asparagus. Pine, chemically treated lumber, and pine woods contain toxins, resin, and sap. 

It may not seem like a big issue, but these substances can lead to illness. So, avoid them at all costs. 

Why Shouldn’t You Snap the Ends off Asparagus?

Asparagus has woody stems that cannot be consumed. People usually snap the ends of the asparagus off to get rid of them. 

Some people are against this practice because you end up wasting more asparagus. When you snap asparagus, you lose half of the spear. 

In addition to this, the asparagus is not as long and visually appealing. 

For this reason, trimming and peeling the asparagus is better. You won’t waste as much asparagus, and it will be aesthetically pleasing. 

Why Is My Asparagus Chewy After Cooking?

Some vegetables can be prepped in advance. However, asparagus is a little different. 

Peeling or chopping asparagus ahead of time will cause it to wilt and give it an undesirable chewy texture.

Prep the asparagus right before you intend to smoke them. Alternatively, you can also store the asparagus in cold water if you prep them in advance to limit the chewiness. 

Tips for Smoking Asparagus

Smoking asparagus is definitely easier than smoking salmon or brisket. However, these tips will ensure you have the best smoked asparagus. 

Purchase bundles of asparagus that are roughly the same size. Asparagus has varying degrees of length and thickness. 

Each type of asparagus has different cooking times. For example, thinner spears will cook faster than thinner spears.

Purchasing bundles of asparagus that are the same size ensures they cook evenly. 

Purchase asparagus that has thicker stalks. The stalks should be as thick or thicker than a pencil. 

If the asparagus is too thin, all the moisture will dry out. It will not be as meaty as thicker spears. 

Most smoked meats get brined or, at the very least, coated with a BBQ rub. However, BBQ rubs are too rich for asparagus. 

A simple sprinkling of salt and pepper will work. It will make the asparagus taste amazing without overpowering its fresh flavor. 

Additionally, coat the asparagus with fats such as oil or butter. The fat will help the seasoning stick to the asparagus. 

How Long to Smoke Asparagus at 250

Typically, the longest time you can smoke asparagus is for 1 hour. However, the exact cooking time depends on how much asparagus you are cooking and how crispy you want it to be.

Generally, it takes about 35-45 minutes to smoke asparagus at 250°F. 

How Long to Smoke White Asparagus at 250

White asparagus is not the same as green asparagus. Although the smoking method is very similar, white asparagus takes longer to cook. 

Generally, it will take about 40-50 minutes to smoke white asparagus. Turn the asparagus over after 20-25 minutes.

Additionally, check the asparagus for doneness after 40 minutes. If it is not cooked, smoke the asparagus for another 5-10 minutes until they are tender.

How To Smoke Asparagus Using A Grill 

If you do not have a smoker, you can easily smoke the asparagus on your grill. 

First, set up your gas or charcoal grill with direct and indirect cooking zones. You can do this by arranging the charcoal on one side of the grill if you are using a charcoal grill.

In contrast, if you use a gas grill, turn on half of the grill burners and leave the other burners off. 

Let the grill preheat to 250°F. 

Make a foil boat using aluminum foil to smoke the asparagus. Alternatively, you can also smoke the asparagus in a grill basket. 

Wash your asparagus thoroughly and pat them dry with paper towels. Snap or trim off the woody stems of your asparagus. 

Place the asparagus into a bowl and add a few tablespoons of oil. Sprinkle salt and pepper over the asparagus. Toss to coat the asparagus in the oil and seasoning.

Place the asparagus into the foil boat or grill basket. Place the asparagus on the grill’s cooking grate. 

Cook the asparagus for 35-40 minutes until it is tender.

Final Thoughts 

Smoked asparagus is the perfect side for large meats like brisket. Asparagus is still the perfect side, even if you are smoking smaller cuts like chicken legs or chicken breast. 

Plus, you can smoke the asparagus simultaneously with your protein. Either way, your asparagus will be delicious with a hint of smokiness.