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How To Clean Pit Boss Pellet Grill

When it comes to quality pellet grills, look no further than Pit Boss pellet grills. They are quality grills that are very popular in the BBQ world. 

However, cleaning is one of the most important parts of owning a pit boss pellet grill.

No pellet grill will stay clean forever, especially if you use the grill to prepare food almost every weekend of the summer. 

Tips for Cleaning a Pit Boss Pellet Grill

The first tip for cleaning a pit boss pellet grill is to read the instruction manual.

Instruction manuals are often overlooked when it comes to cleaning pellet grills, but they contain valuable information, so read it. 

Clean the ash cleanout every time you use the pellet grill. The ash cleanout is simply a knob on the grill’s side.

If you do not empty the ash cleanout, ash will settle, restricting airflow and causing temperature fluctuations as well as flare-ups.

Pellet grills operate like convection ovens. Therefore, ash accumulates at the bottom of the grill and could end up on your food. This is all the more reason you should clean out the ash system. 

In addition to this, spot clean the lid, cooking racks, and side shelf each time you use the grill.

How To Clean Pit Boss Pellet Grill

To keep your Pit Boss pellet grill in perfect working order, you must clean it. Ideally, you want to give the pellet grill a light cleaning each time you use it and deep clean the grill every so often. 

You do not have to deep clean the grill each time you use it. 

Deep cleaning depends on how often you use the grill and what you are grilling or smoking in your pellet grill.

For example, if you are smoking pork butt in an aluminum pan, you can clean the grill after the next cook. 

I’d recommend deep cleaning your Pit Boss pellet grill every 4 or 5 cooks. You can even prolong the deep cleaning of the pellet grill until after you run out of pellet fuel for your grill. 

The easiest way to clean your pellet grill is using the burn-off method. It is the best way to eliminate residual food particles and grease caked on the grill’s cooking racks. 

First, crank your pellet grill up to its highest temperature. Let the pellet grill heat up for 20 minutes, then unplug the grill. 

Scrape the pellet grill with a metal scraper to remove any residual food particles or grease from the cooking grates. 

Next, use a shop vac to remove any loose debris from the grill. Once the grill cools down, completely cover it and store it away until your next cook. 

How to Deep Clean Pit Boss Grill

Deep cleaning a pellet grill is not as complicated as it seems. Once you get started cleaning your pellet grill, it will be as easy as using the grill. 

Unplug the pellet grill. The pellet grill contains electrical components, so you want to make sure it is not connected to the socket once you start cleaning the grill. 

Additionally, remove the cooking grates, as well as any other removable pieces of the grill that can be washed. Do not dump water into the pellet grill.

The pellet grill contains a heat deflector that houses electrical components, so you do not want to get them wet. 

Remove the residual pellets from the auger. Store these pellets in a dry place like a bag or a bucket until you are ready to cook on your pellet grill. 

The pit boss pellet grill is designed with a grease bucket that catches the grease that drips into the grill as the food cooks. 

You should empty the grease bucket every time you use the pellet grill. Simply let the grill cool down. 

The grease will solidify, making it easier to pour into a disposable container. Next, wash the grease bucket with mild dish soap and water. 

Next, remove the grill racks and flame broiler plates. Place the grill’s grates into a sink full of hot soapy water. 

Wash the cooking grates using a non-abrasive brush like a nylon grill brush. Dry the broiler plates and grates with a microfiber towel. 

Remove the deflector plates and wash them in hot soapy water. Dry the deflector plates with a microfiber towel. 

Always clean the internal temperature probe. Smoke residue can accumulate on the internal temperature probe causing temperature changes. 

Wipe the internal temperature probe with a solution of water and vinegar to clean it.  

Next, vacuum out the hopper and burn the pot using a shop vac. Shop vacs are specifically designed to suck up food particles and ashes from any part of the grill. 

Place the shop vac’s hose into the fire burn pot and suck up the ashes and repeat with the hopper. 

Ensure you get all of the ashes, as ash accumulation can lead to the fire being extinguished in the middle of your cook. 

To clean the grill’s interior, scrape the grill interior to get rid of any dirt. Remember to scrape the gunk out of the grease scoop. 

Use paper towels or a kitchen rag to remove the dirt inside the grill. Use the shop vac to remove the dirt that settled at the bottom of the pellet grill. 

To clean the outside of your pellet grill, spray the Pit boss cleaning solution on the grill and clean it with a damp microfiber grill.

You can also use a stainless-steel cleaner to clean the stainless-steel parts of the grill. 

Final Thoughts 

Cleaning your Pit Boss pellet grill is extremely important. Your grill will get dirty every time you fire it up. So, it’s best to clean it, so it lasts a long time.

If you fail to clean your pellet grill, you may experience air circulation issues or grease fires, which could turn into a house fire.

Luckily this won’t be an issue since you know how to clean a Pit Boss pellet grill.

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