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The Most Popular College Football Tailgates According to Instagram

The Most Popular College Football Tailgates According to Instagram

There are many rivalries in college football, from The Game and the Iron Bowl to the Red River Showdown and the Egg Bowl. These rivalries run deep, and yet they begin way before the players even take to the field.

Tailgating is an essential pre-game experience, and yet whose fans show up the most? 

We thought we’d take a look at one of America’s favorite past times to see what the data says and what college can claim the title of Tailgate Champion.

Most Popular College Football Tailgates According to Instagram

We analyzed 44,916 images on Instagram to determine which colleges were tagged the most for tailgates. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the top 40 most popular college football tailgates, according to Instagram.

The Most Popular College Football Tailgates

The data showed us the following:

  • Penn State is the most popular college for tailgates, with the highest number of images tagged #tailgate. The University of South Carolina is the second, and the University of Florida is the third most popular.
  • The most popular conference for tailgates is the SEC, followed by the Big Ten.
  • The most popular region in the U.S. for tailgates is the Southeast, followed by the Midwest.

The full rankings are as follows:

  1. Penn State University
  2. University of South Carolina
  3. University of Florida
  4. Michigan State University
  5. University of Texas
  6. University of Michigan
  7. Louisiana State University
  8. University of Miami
  9. Howard University
  10. University of Arkansas
  11. Ohio State University
  12. Florida State University
  13. Auburn University
  14. Rutgers University
  15. University of Iowa
  16. University of Tennessee
  17. University of Notre Dame
  18. Texas A&M University
  19. University of Alabama
  20. Texas State University
  21. University of Kentucky
  22. Iowa State University
  23. Indiana University
  24. Florida Atlantic University
  25. University of Central Florida
  26. University of Maryland
  27. Norfolk State University
  28. University of Southern California
  29. East Carolina University
  30. University of Utah
  31. Purdue University
  32. University of Georgia
  33. Texas Tech University
  34. University of Mississippi
  35. University of Washington
  36. University of Illinois
  37. North Carolina State University
  38. West Point – The U.S. Military Academy
  39. University of Oregon
  40. University of Oklahoma

Data Source: Instagram

Data Analysis: At the time of writing, the total number of images tagged with the hashtag #tailgate on Instagram is over 1 million. We took a sample of the latest 44,916 images posted and aggregated the location data to come up with the rankings.