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The Best Wood for Smoking Pork

The Best Wood for Smoking Pork

Smoking meat means that you are smoking it over a type of firewood. All types of meat can be smoked, and this includes pork, which is from the meat of a pig.

The best part about smoking meat is that you end up infusing it with the natural flavors of the wood, so the taste may vary depending on what type of meat you use.

In this article, we are going to cover the top six kinds of wood you can use to smoke pork and the size of wood to use. Hey, the size of the wood does matter because if you use the wrong kind, your meat won’t turn out the way you expected!

Best Wood for Smoking Pork


Pecan is a type of wood that is from the pecan tree, which is native to North America. If you are wondering if it’s the same tree that provides us with pecans, then you would be correct!

These trees take around 12 years to mature, but once they do, they can live quite a long time.

Using Pecan wood to smoke pork will infuse it with a mild-to-moderate savory flavor. Believe it or not, the taste is similar to bacon. For those who are a fan of bacon, pecan wood is the wood you want to go with.

White Oak

White oak is wood that is most commonly seen in the eastern part of the United States. There are many species, with about eight being considered commercial.

It is very heavy hardwood that is used to create items like floors, furniture, cabinets, paneling, doors, and even caskets.

It is used to create furniture; it is also used to smoke meat such as pork. It’s not the most commonly used wood, but it does end up creating a delicious combination of flavors.

Should you want to try something a little different and unique, consider using white oak to smoke your pork over!


Hickory wood can commonly be found in the United States and is one of the cheaper woods out there. So, if you are on a budget, it’s best to go with hickory wood.

While it is used for smoking meat, it is also used in household items.

Using hickory when smoking pork is probably one of the woods that goes best with pork.It adds a smoky and slightly bacon-like flavor.

It is almost similar to the taste you get when smoking pork over pecan wood.


Orangewood is a type of wood that comes from a tree that provides us with oranges.

It is native to the United States and is usually found in states like Florida, Texas, and California due to how warm they are.

By smoking pork over orangewood, you are infusing the meat with a citrus flavor. There also is a mild smoky taste as well, which adds to the citrus flavor.

It’s quite a unique taste, one that you may have never considered using to smoke pork, but it makes for a delicious experience.


Applewood is from the apple tree, which provides us with apples, a very delicious fruit. This hardwood tree is not native to the United States and has been brought over to farms, usually of the commercial variety.

Despite this, it can be used for furniture and other household items.

Smoking pork over applewood is a great option for those who want a combination of sweet and smoky. By using applewood, the pork will have a sweet taste mixed with a mild smoky flavor.

Neither is on the strong side, so for those who like subtle flavors in their food, this is a great option.


Maplewood comes from the wood of a maple tree. These can be found in places like Asia, Europe, and North America, with 132 total species.

The best part of Maplewood is that it is on the inexpensive side, so this is especially great for having a limited income.

When you smoke pork over Maplewood, what ends up coming out is a very mild smoky flavor that even has a hint of sweetness to it.

It does help complement the natural flavors that come with pork, which is always a plus. You don’t want the natural tastes to ever be drowned out.

Size of Wood

When you are cooking meat, remember it’s important to use a certain size depending on the meat or how long you want to cook it.

Using the wrong size could end up ruining your meat, which no one wants.

You can buy the following wood sizes for smoking food:

  • Wood Chips are small pieces of wood that have been broken into little chips. It tends to burn out pretty quickly, so if you are using this size, make sure it’s with a smaller cut of meat.
  • Wood Chunks are pieces of wood that are wood chunks. It’s best used for larger cuts of meat because of how long it burns.
  • Split Sized Wood is wood that is in the stereotypical log shape. It’s best for larger cuts of meat because of how long it lasts.
  • Pellet Wood comes in a pellet shape and is usually used for pellet grills. Best used for smaller pieces of meat because of how quickly it burns out.
  • Wood Discs aren’t the most common size to use, but they are very eco-friendly! They come in a puck shape.

Always make sure that you are practicing proper fire safety while cooking with an open flame. The last thing you want to do is cause any forest fires or something of that nature.

Smoky the bear would prefer it that way.

Final Thoughts

And that’s a wrap for all your barbeque lovers out there! We not only touched on the best types of wood to use when smoking pork but also the size of the wood you should use as well.

Using the wrong size can end up ruining the meat, so this is why it’s important to know the different sizes out there.

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