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How Long Does Pork Last in the Fridge

How Long Does Pork Last in the Fridge

Pork is a versatile, delicious food that can be used to make so many recipes.

From Chinese BBQ pork to ribs and pulled pork, you can use pork to make many delicious meals.

But like any meat, it is essential not to allow it to sit in the fridge for too long or it will spoil.

How to Shop for Pork

Shopping for pork involves more than picking up a package of pork chops or pork shoulder and placing it in your cart.

Things such as appearance, marbling, and expiration dates should be considered before shopping for pork.

When selecting meat, fruit, vegetables, or seafood, remember that fresh is best.

When it comes to pork, it’s best to search for pork with a thin cap of fat on its exterior.

The meat should be firm with a grayish-pink color.

In addition to this, look for pork with a minuscule amount of fat. This indicates a tender cut of pork, giving you the best flavor.

Furthermore, you should make sure the packages of pork feel cool to the touch and are free of any tears or perforations.

Even though labeling products with a sell-by or use-by date is not federally mandated, many manufacturers and retailers still label raw pork with product dates.

No one wants to purchase expired pork, so inspect the pork for use-by or sell-by-date before you buy it. 

If your pork has a use-by date, it’s best to use the pork within this time frame.

Shop for everything else you need first before selecting your pork.

The pork should be the last thing you add to your cart before heading to the check-out lane.

In addition to this, keep raw meat such as pork away from other foods in your cart.

Place the pork into a plastic bag to prevent its juices or condensation from contaminating other products in your cart.

If you will not go home within the hour, place the pork into an ice chest.

If it is hot or you live in a hot climate, keep your raw meat in an ice chest at all times.

Remember to store your pork in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as you get it home.

How To Store Pork

The goal of storing pork is to keep it in a temperature range that will not cause bacteria to develop.

Ideally, pork should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature at or below 40°F.

You can leave the pork in its original packaging as long as it does not have any tears or cracks.

Place the pork onto a large plate or baking sheet to catch any condensation.

Store the pork in the bottom of the fridge on a shelf by itself to prevent cross-contamination.

You can also freeze the pork. Simply place the package into the freezer.

Alternatively, you can individually wrap cuts such as pork chop with plastic wrap, then put them into a freezer-safe ziplock bag before freezing them.

How to Vacuum-seal Pork?

Vacuum-sealing is an excellent way to preserve pork. The concept behind vacuum-sealing is to make sure that there is little to no air in the food package.

Air contains moisture and oxygen, which creates favorable conditions for bacteria to grow.

Getting rid of as much air as you can from the pork ensures it will remain fresh for a longer period of time.

To vacuum-seal your pork, place the pork into a vacuum sealing bag. Press the air out of it and use a vacuum sealer to seal the bag.

How Long Does Pork Last in the Fridge

Whether it is pork chops or pork tenderloin, pork is a popular meat. With so many pork lovers, it’s essential to know how long pork lasts in the fridge.

The lifespan of pork depends on whether or not your refrigerator can maintain a stable temperature.

If the temperature of your fridge constantly fluctuates, the pork will have a shorter lifespan.

On average, pork will last for 3-5 days as long as your fridge’s temperature remains at 40°F. This rule applies to raw pork chops as well.

Unfortunately, fresh or raw ground pork has a shorter lifespan of 2 days when stored in the refrigerator.

How Long Does Pork Last After Its Sell-by Date?

Remember to look for the sell-by date when shopping for pork. A sell-by date gives you a little leeway, unlike a use-by date.

On average, pork will last 3-4 days after the sell-by date.

However, this timeline only applies if you store the pork properly. If the pork is not stored correctly, do not consume it pasts its sell-by date.

How Long Does Vacuum-sealed Pork Keep in the Fridge?

Meat is a perishable item. Therefore, vacuum sealing increases its lifespan by restricting its exposure to air.

Since the air has been eliminated, your pork chops will retain their quality, flavor, and freshness for a long time.

Even though it is only recommended to keep pork chops in the fridge for 3-5 days, vacuum-sealed pork chops are a bit different.

They can last for up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator as long as they are stored at 40°F.

I know what you are thinking; there’s no way I can keep pork chops for up to two weeks. They will be spoiled within a week.

Yes, it sounds crazy, but that’s the power of vacuum sealing.

If you are a skeptic, you purchase a vacuum sealer, seal your pork, and monitor its progress for 2 weeks.

How Long Does Pork Last in the Freezer?

The best way to extend pork’s shelf life is by freezing it. As long as it’s stored properly, pork will last indefinitely.

However, it would be best to eat the pork in 4-6 months as its texture and flavor will be drastically impacted.

Final Thoughts 

There’s nothing like firing up your portable offset grill and grilling up some delicious pork chops.

But before you go to the grocery store to buy pork chops, you must know how long pork lasts in the fridge if you do not get to cook them the same day you purchased them.

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