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How To Tell if Pork Chops Are Bad

How To Tell if Pork Chops Are Bad

Like beef, pork chops are one of the most popular types of meat. They are versatile enough to be fried or baked. 

You can even fire up your portable pellet grill and grill your pork chops to perfection.

However, if you’re anything like me, you have forgotten about pork chops you purchased and stored in the fridge at least a few times.

Most people will cook those forgotten pork chops without knowing if they are safe.

However, it is essential to know how to tell if pork chops are bad. It may protect you from becoming sick.

How Long Do Pork Chops Last?

Like most foods, pork chops will inevitably spoil. As long as they are correctly stored, pork chops will last 3-5 days in the fridge.

Pork chops can also be frozen indefinitely. But for quality purposes, pork chops should only be frozen for 3-6 months.

After 6 months, it is best to discard the meat and purchase a fresh batch of pork chops.

How to Freeze Raw Pork Chops

To freeze your pork chops, wrap them individually with plastic wrap. Alternatively, you can also seal the pork chops in a plastic bag using a vacuum sealer.

Make sure you press all of the air out of the bag before closing them.

Place your individually wrapped pork chops in a large freezer-safe resealable bag and squeeze the excess air out of the pork chops before sealing the bag.

Label the pork chops with today’s date and store them in the freezer for up to 6 months.

How to Freeze Cooked Pork Chops

You can also freeze cooked pork chops. However, it is best to freeze them as you are finished eating dinner.

Pork chops that are left at room temperature for more than 2 hours could become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Therefore you should freeze them as soon as you are done eating to inhibit bacteria growth.

If your pork chops are slightly warm, you can cool them in the refrigerator if they were not cooked in a sauce.

Once the pork chops are cooled, wrap them individually with plastic wrap before placing them into a freezer-safe resealable bag.

Label the pork chops with today’s date before placing them in the freezer.

If your pork chops were cooked in a sauce or gravy, place 1 pork chop into a single serving plastic container. Repeat until each pork chop is in a container.

Cover the pork chops with gravy and put the lid onto the containers.

Label the pork chops with today’s date, along with the name of the food. Freeze the pork chops and use them within 2-3 months.

Raw Pork Chops

What Happens if I Eat Bad Pork Chops?

You may be able to accept the unappetizing smell of bad pork chops, but your stomach cannot handle spoiled pork chops.

I get the concept of cooking bad pork chops. However, it may not be worth the risk.

Theoretically, grilling your chops on a natural gas grill at a high temperature may destroy bacteria making the rotten meat safe to eat.

But if bacteria such as E.coli or salmonella have started growing in the meat and have released toxins, these toxins will still be present after the meat is cooked.

Moreover, if the pork chops have a slimy texture, no water will remove the slime.

Furthermore, consuming spoiled pork chops can make you sick.

It is much harder to tell if cooked pork chops are spoiled than knowing if raw pork chops are rotten.

How To Tell if Pork Chops Are Bad

Telling if pork chips are rotten is no harder than telling if ground turkey or shrimp are bad.

As long as you rely on your senses, telling if pork chops are rotten will be as easy as cold smoking cheese.


The good old smell test is one of the easiest ways to identify spoiled pork chops. Pork chops smell is reminiscent of other meats like chicken or beef.

Fresh pork chops have little to no smell. The only thing you should smell is a slightly metallic smell that resembles the aroma of blood.

If your pork chops have a potent, revolting odor when you smell it, they are spoiled and must be discarded immediately.


Unfortunately, bacteria develop when pork chops sit for too long, forming a slimy unappealing barrier on the meat’s exterior.

If your pork chops feel slimy, throw them away.

In addition to this, if the pork chops feel mushy, soft, or spongy, they are spoiled and should be discarded immediately.

Fresh pork chops should be firm but give a little. Wash your hands really well with hot soapy water after handling raw pork chops.

Excessive Moisture

Fresh pork chops should have minuscule amounts of pink liquid in the container.

If your pork chops have been in the fridge for a few days or have sat at room temperature for too long, excess fluid will be released when you prick them with a fork.

This extra liquid could be an indicator that the meat is spoiled and should not be consumed.

How To Tell if Cooked Pork Chops Are Bad

It’s only natural to reheat leftover pork chops, but you should check the pork chops to see if they are bad before consuming them.

Cooked pork chops should have a firm but slightly soft or tender texture.

On the other hand, spoiled cooked pork chops have a tough crumbly texture.

In addition to this, the color of the pork chops can also change.

If you notice green or white spores growing on the surface of the pork chops, discard them immediately as they have become contaminated by mold.

Lastly, if your pork chops have a foul, unpleasant smell, toss them. This is another indicator that the chops have gone bad.

Final Thoughts

Pork chops are a delicious, versatile meal. But no one wants to eat bad pork chops.

Remember, rotten pork chops can make you sick, so make sure you throw them out.

Luckily, you know how to tell if pork chops are bad.

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