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The Best Cheese for Burgers

The Best Cheese for Burgers

Burgers are the quintessential American food, and cheese is one of the most important ingredients in this classic food.

If it doesn’t have cheese, then it’s nothing but a plain hamburger, and really, who wants that?

For cheese, there are many types you can put on a burger. You aren’t just limited to one option! In this article, we’re going to break down the ones that will.

Best Cheese for Burgers

American Cheese

The most popular and well-known type of cheese to be put on a burger is American cheese.

It’s most commonly bought with each slice individually wrapped in plastic and is made by mixing different cheese.

Taste can vary, but most often, when you bite into it, you’ll think of it as something similar to mild cheddar cheese.

You’ll find that American Cheese is used for many meals, and burgers are just one of them.


Looking for an old-fashioned English cheese to add to your burger? Well, look no further than Cheddar cheese. This cheese used to be made solely in England centuries ago, which is no longer the case today.

Its taste can sometimes vary, but most often, when you bite into a piece of cheddar, you get a sharp aftertaste. The older it is, the sharper it is.

When put on a burger, you’ll find that it brings this sharp, tangy flavor and adds to the overall taste of the burger.

Like American Cheese, it also melts easily, so there’s that as well! It’s always a plus when something melts easily on the pan and in your mouth.


Italy not only brought us the joy of pizza but also Mozzarella Cheese. Originally it was made from water buffalo milk, but now is made only from cow’s milk.

If you want to taste it in its original form, there is a type that exists called Buffalo Mozzarella that continues to be made from domesticated Water Buffalo Milk.

Adding Mozzarella to a burger will add a rich flavor to your burger. You can use fresh mozzarella or prepackaged.

The only difference is that fresh mozzarella has better flavoring because it’s, well… fresh, of course!


Chances are you’ve used blue cheese with your chicken wings because nothing tastes better than blue cheese on a chicken wing!

This cheese is made with some kind of animal milk and then ripened with mold. The effect gives the cheese a slightly chunky texture and pungent flavor.

Like with chicken wings, Blue cheese tastes great on burgers. Some people despise blue cheese because of its texture and taste, so they will want to avoid any on their burger.

However, those that can’t get enough of it will find that it adds a savory punch to their burger.


Ah, Swiss Cheese! The cheese has nothing to do with Switzerland. This cheese has a very mild and sweet flavor compared to some of the sharp-flavored cheeses out there.

Some Swiss cheeses come with holes or eyes, as they are called, and the more there are, the more flavor there is.

This mild and sweet flavored cheese will enrich the flavors that you get from grilling a burger. It melts pretty fast, too, so you won’t have to wait long to dig in!


Once again, the Italians have graced us with a cheese creation called Provolone.

It was created in Southern Italy and tastes different depending on how old the cheese is. The younger it is, the sweeter it is, and the older it is, the sharper it is.

On hamburgers, it will provide a sharp or sweeter taste, both of which enhance the natural flavors of the burger. You can’t go wrong with Provolone!

Monterey Jack

You can thank Monks from Monterey, California, for the existence of Monterey Jack.

It got its name Monterey Jack after American entrepreneur David Jack realized this could be a moneymaker. He soon started selling it in California.

It has a mild flavor, and when you’re grilling a burger, you’ll find that it will melt quickly.

This may not be the first cheese you think of when you’re going to grill a burger, but give it a chance! Your taste buds will thank you.

Pepper Jack

If part of the name Pepper Jack sounds familiar, then you would be correct.

It comes from Monterey Jack, and unlike its predecessor, Pepper Jack has a spicy flavor and a semi-soft texture. It packs more of a kick taste-wise than Monterey Jack.

When pepper jack is put on a burger, it adds a spicy flavor to it. For those who are apprehensive about spice, don’t worry. It is not that spicy… just spicy enough to add a kick of flavor to your taste buds.


Pimento is a unique cheese that people might not think to put on their burgers but really should consider as an option.

It’s made from sharp cheddar that is aged a year with the following ingredients added:

  • Piquillo Peppers
  • Pepper
  • Mayo Salt

When you taste it, you’ll sense a little spice and realize the texture is on the chunky side, like Blue Cheese.

On your burger, it’ll truly be a phenomenal experience for your taste buds.


Last but not least on our list is Gouda cheese. It’s originally a Dutch cheese that is named after a Netherlands city called Gouda.

You’ve probably seen those big wheels of cheese before and not realized it was this particular Dutch Cheese.

On a burger, you’ll get a little of a mild and sweet flavor. The best type of Gouda for burgers is Smoked Gouda rather than aged because then the taste will be very strong.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it burger lovers out there! These are the best cheeses you can add to your hamburger. They all have their unique characteristics, and not one is better than the other.

What is the best way to figure out which one you’ll like best? Well, try them all! That way, you’ll know which one you prefer.

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