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The 15 Best Pickles for Burgers

The 15 Best Pickles for Burgers

It doesn’t matter if you have your pickles on the side of the actual burger. Pickles are an essential part of the burger-eating experience.

Sure, some people out there don’t care for pickles, but for those who love them, there are more than just the classic dill pickles out there.

In this article, we are going to break down the top 15 pickles you can have along with your burger. Some of them might be ones you haven’t even heard of before!

Best Pickles for Burgers

Bread and Butter Pickles

The Bread and Butter Pickles are what everyone thinks of when they picture pickles in their mind.

They usually come in a small, circular form, which is perfect for fitting on your burger. Taste-wise, it’s a combination of sweet and salty, which gives you the best of both worlds!

Kosher Dill

Another classic pickle is the Kosher Dill Pickle.

While the word Kosher refers to a set of dietary restrictions some Jewish people follow, Kosher Dill Pickles aren’t always following those guidelines. Sometimes, it is just using the name.

Kosher Dill Pickles use much garlic, which can give it a bit of a kick. They can be eaten on a burger or the side. Either way, your tastebuds will crave more.

Genuine Dill

Genuine Dill Pickles are another classic type of pickle.

They have a very salty and tart taste they get from being covered in vinegar (usually flavored) and then stored at room temperature.

You’ll hear a nice, firm crunch when you bite into one. Mix that in with the taste of the burger you cooked, and you’ll be in heaven.

Sweet Pickles

As the name implies, sweet pickles are on the sweet side.

They are made exactly like genuine and kosher dill pickles, but the main difference is they have some sugar added into the mix. This small amount of sugar gives it its sweet taste.

These pickles usually come in a small, circular form so they can be put on the actual burger. The sweetness mixed in with the savory flavor of the burger offers a great experience.

Gherkin Pickles

You’ll be able to recognize a Gherkin pickle at first sight because of its small, ovular shape.

They are made from either young Kirby or Persian cucumbers, and the best part is they come in different flavors.

Do you prefer sweet rather than savory, or vice versa? Well, you can get Gherkin in both sweet and savory flavors. If added to your burger, it’ll provide more of a crunch.

Half Sour Pickles

Half-sour pickles are pickles that take on the typical color of a cucumber. They are like Full-Sour pickles but hence the name, are less sour than Full-Sour Pickles.

If you put half-sour pickles on a burger, you’ll get a tangy and tart taste, but it will be a lot milder than what you’d get from full-sour pickles.

Those who aren’t huge fans of sour things might want to go this route!

Full Sour Pickles

The main difference between Full Sour Pickles and Half-Sour pickles is the fermentation process.

Full-sour pickles ferment a lot longer than half-sour pickles. This can take maybe a week or even a few months!

They have a big tangy and tart taste to them, so they will bring out the savory flavors in your burger.

Cinnamon Pickles

Have you ever thought of cinnamon and pickles being combined to create food? Well, if you haven’t, then we’ll be pleased to inform you that Cinnamon Pickles exist.

As the name implies, Cinnamon Pickles are made with cinnamon. You’ll be able to spot them in the grocery store because of their red color!

They are made similarly to how other pickles are made, with just cinnamon being added. Taste-wise, they are a mixture of sour, sharp, and savory. This is a combination you have to try on your burger!


Cornichons can be considered the close sibling of the gherkin pickle because of their size. However, they are two different pickles, even if the difference is slight.

Another name they go by is French gherkins, which can lead to some understandably thinking they are the same as gherkins.

These pickles are picked just before they have matured, which is what makes them different. They have a tart and salty flavor, a perfect combination for a hamburger or cheeseburger.

Hungarian Pickle

The thing that makes Hungarian pickles different from all the other pickles on this list isn’t the taste but how they are made.

Normally, Vinegar is used in brine, which helps the pickles get their taste and appearance. With Hungarian pickles, yeast is used during fermentation.

Taste-wise, they taste similar to sour pickles, so when you bite into one, don’t expect any odd, out-of-the-ordinary taste. Doesn’t matter which one you buy. Both taste great on a burger!

Lime Pickle

The Lime Pickle isn’t made from cucumber but a lime that is then pickled.

You probably have never considered the existence of a lime pickle before. It’s not the most common pickle out there. However, try it!

Lime Pickles are crunchy and come with a strong and tangy flavor. Throw them into a burger, and the mixture of flavors is going to create a tasty combination.

German Pickles

The German Pickle is also known as the Senfgurken, which translates to mustard pickle. What makes German Pickles different has to do with the skin of the cucumber.

Rather than being left on during the pickling process, it is completely removed before any pickling is done.

This process might seem odd and could affect the taste of the German pickle, but it doesn’t. They have a slightly sweet and sour taste along with a crunch that you expect to get when biting into a pickle.

Hot Pickles

Are you the type of person who loves spice? Well, if this sounds like you, then you are going to want to check out hot pickles.

While you can make your own by using peppers or jalapenos during the pickling process, you can also purchase them in the store!

There is a buffalo-style dill pickle available to buy with one brand, and there may be others depending on your particular grocery store.

Depending on what you buy or make, it might have a slightly different taste, but the overall commonality is going to be the fact that it’s very spicy.

Kool-aid Pickles

It shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out what Kool-Aid Pickles is. Yes, these pickles are made with Kool-Aid.

They aren’t pickled with Kool-Aid, but this popular sugary drink is added to a jar of pickles that have already gone through the pickling process.

Supposedly, this interesting pickle originated in Mississippi. In the end, it doesn’t matter where it was created.

All you need to focus on is that this sweet and tangy pickle will go great on a savory burger.

Candied Pickles

So, you see the name Candied Pickle, and you may wonder if these pickles are made with candies.

Well, some are, but usually, when you see the term candied pickles, it refers to pickles that are on the sweet side.

These pickles will have, as you can expect, a sweeter taste to them compared to some of the other pickles on this list.

If you want a little sweetness to your burger, consider getting a candied pickle or making some yourself.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it, all my burger lovers out there! These are the top 15 best pickles you could eat either on your burger or alongside it.

Some of these options may require you to make them yourself, but if you have the time, you might as well try them.

If you don’t have the time, well, that’s what grocery stories are for.

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