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The 7 Best Tomatoes for Burgers

The 7 Best Tomatoes for Burgers

Tomatoes… you either love them or hate them. Luckily for tomatoes, many people love them, and one of the foods they enjoy having them on their burgers!

Nothing tastes better than a juicy tomato on an already juicy burger.

There are many types of tomatoes you can put on your burger, and in this article, we are going to break down the top seven.

By the end of it, you’ll hopefully get an idea of the exact type of tomato you want to put on your burger.

The Best Tomatoes for Burgers


Roma tomatoes refer to a group of tomatoes rather than just one tomato.

These tomatoes all have a few things in common such as having less moisture content than others, firm and dense flesh, fewer seeds, and finally, a thick fruit wall and skin. They are also nicknamed paste tomatoes.

Putting roma tomatoes on a burger is probably the most common type of tomato people use.

It’s often found in supermarkets due to how easy it is to grow. Biting into a burger topped with a roma tomato is a treat for your tastebuds.


Cherry tomatoes are tiny little cherries that almost look like cherries! These types of tomatoes come in red, yellow, orange, and even black. Once they are ready to pick, you’ll find that these tomatoes have a very sweet taste. There is no bitter taste to be found in these tomatoes!

It doesn’t matter if you buy your cherry tomatoes off the vine or on it. They still taste sweet and delicious either way!Grilling these tomatoes alongside your burger is a great way to blend the juices.

Remember, they are on the small side, so it’s best to grill it when it’s on a skewer or something. That way, they won’t go rolling all over the place!


One look at grape tomatoes, and you may think they are the same as cherry tomatoes. The thing is, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Unlike cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes can be found in an oblong shape, have thicker skin, and are half the size.

When biting into one, you’ll also notice that the sweet taste is very mild. What is the best thing about grape tomatoes? Well, they last much longer than cherry tomatoes!

If you choose to grill up some grape tomatoes with your burger, you’ll realize that their thicker skin makes it better to cook with.

The mild sweetness does a great job of mixing with the natural juices from the hamburger.


Unlike the previous tomatoes on the list, beefsteak tomatoes are on the larger side. There are different varieties, but the biggest commonality among them is that they are globe-shaped and have few seeds.

Flavor-wise, it’s been described as meaty with some tang and a bit of sweetness thrown in there just for good measure.

There are actually over 350 varieties of these large tomatoes, so you could nearly have a different variety for every day of the year!

These tart-flavored tomatoes are very large, so it’s great to use on a burger. They won’t get lost, unlike some of the other options on this list.

The best thing is that they can last a decent amount of time after being cut open. Nearly a week in the open and probably longer in the fridge.


Heirloom tomatoes refer to a variety of tomatoes. They have a total of four categories, which are as follows:

  • Created Heirlooms have been created by crossing two tomatoes, one of which has to be an heirloom.
  • Family Heirlooms are tomatoes that have been passed down for generations.
  • Commercial Heirlooms refers to tomatoes that have been around for either 50 years or commercially or were introduced before 1940
  • Mystery Heirlooms refer to tomatoes that are created by natural cross-pollination within the heirloom family.

No matter what type of heirloom tomato you use, you’ll find that their flavoring is on the rich side with some sweetness thrown in there. It’ll only add to the richness that you already find in the burger!


Sungold Tomatoes are a variety of cherry tomatoes, but they have such a distinct look and taste that we felt like we had to add them to the list!

The reason they are so yellow is that they are harvested just as they have ripened early!

They are firmer than other cherry tomatoes out there, so if you like a little toughness when you bite into a burger, these are the ones for you.

These tomatoes do great when being grilled beside a burger due to how firm they stay. The unique taste of these brightly colored tomatoes will be a treat for your palate.

Pink Caspian

Last but not least on our list belongs the Pink Caspian tomatoes. Believe it or not, these tomatoes are part of the heirloom tomato variety.

Because of this, you can probably figure out that they are really large compared to some of the tomatoes on this list. They come in a variety of colors, but the ripper they are, the pinker they are.

When you put these tomatoes on a burger, you’ll find that the sweet and natural, delicious juicy flavors help bring out the flavors of the burger.

Recall that they are on the large side, so they will fit great on your burger. Another interesting fact is that they are on the flatter side, so this makes it even easier to slice and place on your burger!

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, all your tomato lovers out there. This is our top list of the best seven tomatoes you can put on your burger.

Some of them might appeal to you more than others, but that is all right! All you can do is try them all out and see which one tastes the best.

The ones that didn’t make our list aren’t any less than well as the ones that did. We just feel these unique ones stood out more than others.

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