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How Long to Smoke Pork Shoulder at 275 

How Long to Smoke Pork Shoulder at 275 

If you want the perfect pork shoulder, you must go slow, slow, slow. There is no speeding in the race to cook the best, most delicious, tender pork shoulder.

The pork shoulder has such a long cooking time because the fat and connective tissues must break down.

Therefore, knowing how long to cook pork shoulder at 275°F is super important.

What Is Pork Shoulder?

Pork shoulder is an affordable cut of pork fabricated from the upper portion of the animal’s front leg.

Pork shoulder can also be marketed as picnic shoulder, picnic ham, and picnic roast. However, all of these cuts refer to pork shoulder.

If you purchase an entire pork shoulder, you are purchasing both the shoulder and the butt. Also called Boston butt, pork butt is fabricated from the portion that’s above the shoulder.

Typically, pork shoulder and pork butt can be used interchangeably in recipes such as pulled pork.

Both pork shoulder and pork butt are the choice cuts for smoking since they contain high levels of fat.

For example, if you smoke a pork roast in your electric smoker, the meat will be tender, but it will be as dry as the Sahara Desert.

On the other hand, if you smoke pork shoulder in your propane smoker, it would be tender and moist without any dryness in sight.

Best Wood to Smoke Pork

It is natural to be confused about the best woods to smoke meat with. Different types of wood produce different types of flavors.

Depending on the type of pork you intend to smoke, you should carefully consider the type of wood you use.

Consider how you are cooking the pork and how much money you are willing to spend on wood.

Some woods can burn quicker than others, while some have slower burn times. When it comes to smoking food, oak is one of the best woods you can smoke food with.

It is so versatile that it can burn hot, but it can also give you a mild burn if need be.

Some woods burn out so fast that you have to refill your offset smoker several times during the smoking process. Oak will not burn out in no time.

Other people prefer to smoke pork shoulder with maple wood. Maple burns slower and imparts a slightly more intense smoky flavor into the pork.

Some people also prefer to use pecan, peach, and apple woods because it gives the pork a smokey, sweet flavor. Hickory and beech wood also pair well with pork.

All of these woods have a distinct smoky flavor that can pair well with pork, brisket, and even ribs.

In addition to this, some people prefer to use wood chunks while others swear by wood logs. Some people also use a combination of lump charcoal or charcoal briquettes and wood chips.

The trick is discovering the kind of smoky flavor you want to impart into your meal. Some people will choose certain woods simply because of the flavor it gives the meat.

Ultimately, you should consider this when choosing woods for smoking pork.

Nevertheless, you should always smoke your pork with top-quality woods to make sure you get the best flavor.

Tips for Making the Best Smoked Pork Shoulder

Making smoked pork shoulder is not as simple as placing the meat into your pellet smoker and closing the dome. It’s more complex than that.

Use these smoking tips to help you make the best pork shoulder.

Wait Until Its Ready

As I have said before, smoking pork shoulder is not a race, it’s more of a steady crawl.

If you remove the pork shoulder from the smoker too early, the connective tissue and fat will not break down.

You will be left with a hunk of tough pork. This is why it is so important to smoke the pork shoulder is done.

Do Not Leave the Pork in the Smoker Too Long

Most novice barbecuers often make the mistake of thinking you cannot overcook pork shoulder. However, you can overcook pork shoulder.

The longer the pork shoulder sits in the smoker, the more it will dry out. If you do not remove the pork from the smoker when it has an internal temperature of 205°F, it will start to dry out.

To fix dry pork shoulder, you would have to simmer the pork in chicken broth for a few hours to rehydrate the meat. This would add even more time to the cooking process,

Spices and Seasonings

You can rub the pork shoulder with any BBQ rub you desire. The best seasonings for pork shoulder and ones with a strong aroma and flavor.

However, make sure you rub your pork shoulder before placing it onto the smoker. 

Coat the pork shoulder with salt and pepper if you do not have a dedicated BBQ seasoning.

You can use seasonings such as garlic or onion powder, a little brown sugar, sage, lemon pepper, or paprika.

This coating of seasoning will act as a foundation for the marinade. In addition to this, the seasonings will also help the juices release the juices from the meat.

Remove the Bone

Pork shoulder can either be sold bone-in or boneless. If your pork shoulder has a bone, remove it before you fire up your smoker.

Removing the bone beforehand will make the BBQ experience easier. You won’t have to waste more time pulling the bone from the meat.

You can slice it or shred it and enjoy your delicious smoked pork.


Knowing how much charcoal to use is only half the battle. Whether you are using charcoal or wood, you must ensure they are arranged correctly.

If they are not arranged correctly, it could lengthen the cooking time.

In addition to this, if the charcoal is not arranged properly, they could extinguish themselves.

If you stack the charcoal vertically instead of laying them in the bottom of your smoker, they will stay lit.

Heat rises, so the pork will receive the heat it needs to cook in an adequate amount of time.

Lower Temperatures

It is best to smoke pork shoulder at a lower temperature. Although it contains a lot of fat, pork shoulder is still relatively tough. Cooking pork shoulder low and slow is the only way to transform this tough meat into tender, juicy meat.

In addition to this, do not constantly open your smoker’s door. Every time you open the smokers’ door, the ambient temperature will decrease and slow down the pork shoulders cooking process.

How Can I Smoke Pork Shoulder Quicker

Even though it takes several hours to smoke pork, there is one way you can speed up the smoking process. Simply place the pork shoulder into an aluminum pan.

Wrap your pork shoulder in a double layer of aluminum foil tightly. The foil will help trap heat inside the pan and speed up the smoking process.

If you are worried about monitoring the pork’s temperature, you can insert your smoker’s thermometer probe into the pork before wrapping it. 

Should I Wrap Pork Shoulder in Foil?

Yes, you should wrap your pork shoulder in foil. When it comes to smoking pork shoulder, there is such a thing as too much smoke.

If you do not wrap your pork shoulder, it will absorb too much smoke, and no one likes overly smoky pork shoulder.

Around the 4-5 hour mark, your pork shoulder will have a temperature of 160°F. This is when you want to wrap your pork shoulder.

How To Tell Know When Pork Shoulder Is Cooked

For pork shoulder, the ideal temperature should be between 195°F-205°F. The only way to know if your pork is done is to use a food-grade infrared thermometer.

Once you aim it at the pork shoulder, it will tell you what the temperature is without ever having to touch any bones.

How Long to Smoke Pork Shoulder at 275

If you do not cook pork shoulder the right way, it will be as tough as nails. The pork shoulder will have a lot of gristle running through it. This is why it is important to smoke pork at 275°F.

This temperature is the perfect middle ground for smoking shoulder pork.

On average, the cooking equation for smoking pork shoulder at 275°F is 80-90 minutes per pound.

Essentially, an 8-pound pork shoulder will take about 13 hours to smoke at this temperature.

In contrast, you can also smoke your pork shoulder at 225°F. It will take about 2 hours per pound to smoke the pork shoulder.

However, bear in mind if you are smoking a 10-pound pork shoulder, it will take about 20 hours to smoke.

Final Thoughts

Smoked pork shoulder is one of the most prized cuts of pork. Although it seems like it takes forever to cook pork shoulder, it is definitely worth it.

It has a velvety texture that makes your mouth water when smoked correctly. However, the trick is knowing how long to smoke pork at 275°F.

This is the only way you will end up with a juicy pork shoulder and prevent it from drying out.