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The 12 Best BBQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The 12 Best BBQ in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa offers a lot of interesting things to engage and be fascinated by, from the attractive sunsets to the open fields, the spectacular art scene, and delicious food! If you’re looking for some hot BBQ spots, here are the best.

The Best BBQ in Tulsa

1. Albert G’s Bar-B-Q

Albert G's Bar B Q

Step into this relaxing rustic-chic environment where they just so happen to also serve some of the best barbeque in Tulsa. Albert B’s Bar-B-Q features a classic menu of slow-cooked options including ribs, brisket and pulled pork served alongside craft brews and cocktails.

With three locations in the surrounding area, there are plenty of ways to indulge in their carefully crafted menu. Start with an app like their smoked wings or sliders before diving into the main course.

Seven different smoked meats line the menu, so there’s truly something for everyone. Order these in sandwiches, platters, or one of their unique BBQ delicacies. Albert G’s Bar-B-Q will quickly become your new favorite stop in Tulsa.

  • 2748 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74114, United States
  • Sunday – Thursday, 11 AM –8 PM. Friday – Saturday, 11 AM –9 PM.
  • +1 9187474799

2. Alley Cat Ranch

Alley Cat Ranch

While there’s nothing wrong with traditional barbeque styles, this unique local restaurant brings together a more unique fusion of your favorites. Alley Cat Ranch is a food truck outside Marshall Brewing’s Tap Room to indulge in tasty barbeque and 24 beers on tap.

Here, you’ll find delicious house-smoked meats paired with classic homemade sides. The menu changes throughout the week, so you can indulge in both classic barbeque eats and their Tex-Mex versions of smoked meats, including tacos, sandwiches, nachos, and whatever else they can come up with.

Plus all their sides feature a unique Tex-Mex flair, too, with options like chorizo beans, and candied jalapeno slaw. Alley Cat Ranch brings a whole new touch to classic Oklahoma barbeque.

  • 1742 E 6th St, Tulsa, OK 74104, United States
  • Tuesday – Thursday, 3 PM – 8 PM. Friday – Saturday, 12 PM – 8 PM. Closed Sunday and Monday.
  • +1 918-808-7562

3. Alpha Grill BBQ

Alpha Grill BBQ

Here you’ll find a well-known location in Tulsa for some of the best barbeque around. Alpha Grill BBQ features a menu of all your favorite slow-smoked meats and classic sides.

One popular item includes their two meat special, which comes with any two of their slow-cooked meats topped with housemade sauces. Their three rib dinner and Little C pulled pork sandwich are favorites.

Other options include chopped brisket, hot links, smoked cheeseburgers, smoked cajun shrimp, and even smoked broccoli for those who prefer veggies. No matter what you order from Alpha Grill BBQ, you won’t be disappointed by their housemade smoky flavors.

  • 6670 S Lewis Ave # 102, Tulsa, OK 74136, United States
  • Tuesday – Sunday, 11:00 AM –9:00 PM. Closed Mondays.
  • +1 918-303-7147

4. Big Daddy’s BBQ

Big Daddy's BBQ

The motto at this local barbeque spot is “our smoke ain’t no joke” and you can take that seriously. Big Daddy’s BBQ has two locations in Tulsa for you to indulge in their pit-roasted slow-smoked meats.

On the menu, you’ll get to pick from 8 types of meat, carefully seasoned and slow-roasted to perfection. The most popular order includes their beef brisket, either by itself or piled high on a fresh hot baked potato.

Also available you can indulge in their barbecued meats a la carte, on sandwiches, or in a platter with classic homemade sides. No matter what the barbeque craving is, Big Daddy’s BBQ will deliver.

  • 2303 West 41st Street 74107 Tulsa, OK 74107
  • Monday – Wednesday, 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM. Thursday – Saturday, 11:30 AM – 7:30 PM. Sunday, Closed.
  • +1 9182928081

5. Billy Sims Barbecue

Billy Sims Barbecue

Originally based in OKC, this chain restaurant is the perfect answer when craving fresh, slow-smoked barbeque. Billy Sims Barbeque brings you more than just the classic meats and sides; you’ll find an array of unique creations that will fuse BBQ with some of your other favorite cuisines.

Started by a retired football player and pitmaster, since 2004, they’ve successfully crafted delicious slow-smoked meats enjoyed in states nationwide. Well known for their rib dinners and take-home packs for gameday, you’ll get to indulge in an array of slow-cooked meats.

Plus they have all the traditional BBQ sides and fun desserts, if you save room. Billy Sims Barbeque is a great choice when you’re craving traditional barbeque in a fast-casual way.

  • 3807 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105, United States
  • Sunday – Thursday, 11 AM –8 PM. Friday – Saturday, 11 AM –9 PM.
  • +1 9187948080

6. Daddy B’s

Daddy B's

You’ll find this local barbeque eatery located within a shopping mall where it’s conveniently located for a casual meal any time of the week. Daddy B’s takes pride in their offerings by taking the time to slow-smoke meats and prepare homemade sides daily for the freshest barbeque.

Here you’ll find only the freshest and quality ingredients put into each meal to create some of the best smoked meats in town. Family owned and operated, you can be sure they put the same care into each plate as they would if you were their own. Daddy B’s BBQ in Tulsa will keep you coming back for more.

  • 2809 E 91st, Tulsa, OK 74137, United States
  • +1 918-995-7100

7. Knotty Pig BBQ, Burger & Chili House

Knotty Pig Bbq, Burger & Chili House

This is the spot to be when you’re in the mood for everything barbeque plus burgers and chili. Knotty Pit BBQ, Burger & Chili House delivers some delicious slow-smoked meats and other homemade menu items that will satisfy nearly any craving.

On the menu, besides burgers and chili, here you’ll find an array of traditional slow-smoked meats, including brisket, St. Louis-style ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken, hot links, and more.

Everything can be ordered by weight, in platters, or on sandwiches. Add on classic sides like potato salad or opt for a more unique option like their fancy fries piled high with unique toppings. Knotty Pig BBQ, Burger & Chili will have menu items everyone will love.

  • 6835 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74112, US
  • Tuesday – Thursday, and Saturday, 11 AM –4 PM. Friday, 11 AM –3 PM, and 5 PM –8 PM.
  • +1 918 258 0005

8. Leon’s Smoke Shack BBQ

Leon's Smoke Shack Bbq

This no-frills joint will be what you need when looking for fresh, slow-roasted barbeque eats. Leon’s Smoke Shack BBQ can be found in a small building in Tulsa, where they deliver some big, smoky flavors.

What started as a hobby has since grown into a popular local eatery that prepares some of the best slow-smoked meats in the area. Best known for “The Slap,” this plate comes with fresh hot potatoes piled high with 1, 2, or 3 meats.

The menu also features other favorites like beef brisket, bologna, chicken, hot links, and more. Leon’s Smoke Shack BBQ in Tulsa will quickly become a new go-to for barbeque any day of the week.

  • 601 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74112, United States
  • Thursday – Saturday, 11 AM –6 PM. Sunday – Wednesday, Closed.
  • +1 9187987907

9. Nomad BBQ Deli

Nomad BBQ Deli

When you stop at this local Tulsa gem not only do you get to indulge in delicious classic barbeque eats, but plenty of deli favorites too. Nomad BBQ Deli serves up an array of Oklahoma-style slow-smoked meat, fresh salads, and plenty of deli sides.

Recently opened, they’ve been a hit since day one. Here they focus on locally-sourced ingredients down to the smoker they use. This is a casual fun space where you can go to hang out with family, listen to groovy tunes, and indulge slow-smoked Oklahoma favorites.

The menu includes your favorites like brisket, housemade sausage, pulled pork, and ribs, plus all their other fresh deli-like creations. Nomad BBQ Deli brings all the best eats together in one location.

  • 3023 S Harvard Ave suite a, Tulsa, OK 74114, United States
  • Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM – 3 PM. Sunday 11.30 AM – 2.30 PM. Closed Monday.
  • +1 918-584-8794

10. Oakhart Barbecue

Oakhart Barbecue

While they may have more limited hours than other barbeque joints around, they focus on crafting traditional slow-smoked meats so good they sell out most days. Oakhart Barbeque is a popular local spot that offers up some of the best slow-cooked eats around.

The menu here features an array of options including brisket, ribs, pulled pork, turkey, chicken, jalapeno sausage and more. All available by the pound or on a sandwich, no matter what type of traditional barbeque you’re craving, they’ll have a menu item to satisfy.

Add on a classic side like mac & cheese or potato salad to make it more of a meal. Oakhart Barbeque will quickly become a go-to for all your barbeque cravings.

  • 1644 E 3rd St Unit D, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States
  • Tuesday – Saturday, 11 AM –3 PM. Sunday – Monday, Closed.
  • +1 5398671175

11. Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue & Catering – South Tulsa

Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue & Catering

You’ll find this popular barbeque joint in an inconspicuous strip mall. Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue & Catering offers up a relaxed stop where you can indulge in classic pit-smoked eats.

What started as a college kid trying to make extra money in the summer has since grown into this popular multi-state chain that features some of the best BBQ around. They feature slabs of ribs and pulled pork, fresh off the smoker and ready to be piled onto a sandwich or eaten a la carte.

On the Tulsa menu you’ll find all your favorite barbeque options including party packs for larger groups and events.

  • 6175 E 61st St, Tulsa, OK 74136, US
  • Sunday – Thursday, 11 AM –8:30 PM. Friday – Saturday, 11 AM –9 PM.
  • +1 918 894 4447

12. Ribcrib BBQ

Ribcrib Bbq

This national chain doesn’t disappoint when it comes to traditional slow-smoked barbeque eats. Ribcrib BBQ features multiple locations around the city and each location delivers with some of the most delicious ribs around.

Here, they load up the pit with hickory wood for a signature flavor in each and every bite. While they are well known for the slabs of succulent ribs, on the menu you’ll also find other classic options like pulled pork sandwiches, smoked chicken options and other favorites.

Plus they feature other country classics like catfish, chicken-fried steak and plenty of traditional barbeque sides to make it a meal. Don’t settle when it comes to barbeque, stop into Ribcrib BBQ for some of the best.

  • 1601 S Harvard Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112, United States
  • Monday – Sunday, 11 AM –9 PM.
  • +1 918 742 2742

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