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The 8 Best BBQ in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The 8 Best BBQ in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Oklahoma City has smoking’ hot BBQ joints. Here are some of the best BBQ spots you can sink your teeth into!

The Best BBQ in Oklahoma City

1. Bedlam Bar-B-Q and Patio

Bedlam Bar B Q

Following classic traditions and recipes this barbeque joint will delight your tastebuds each and every time you visit. Bedlam Bar-B-Q and Patio focuses on old school curing and dry-rub before smoking to bring you some of the most succulent and flavorful plates around.

Here, you’ll feel like you stepped back in time with an old-west theme inside or indulge in their house-made meals on the outdoor patio by their stone fireplace. They keep all the classic meats available, from brisket and smoked ribs to pulled pork, jalapeno sausage, bologna, and more.

All the sides are classic BBQ eats and can be ordered by weight, just like the meats, when you need to feed a crowd. Bedlam Bar-B-Q and Patio is the only barbeque spot you’ll need in OKC.

  • 610 NE 50th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, United States
  • +1 4055287427
  • Monday–Thursday, 10:30 AM –9:00 PM. Friday–Saturday, 10:30 AM –10:00 PM. Sunday, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM.

2. Clark Crew BBQ

Clark Crew Bbq

With over 700 Top 10 awards and world championships under their belt, this barbeque spot in Oklahoma City doesn’t mess around when it comes to smoked-meats. Clark Crew BBQ is a well-known multi-award winning barbeque spot featuring wood-fired pizzas, incredible burgers and sandwiches.

Whether you’re looking to dine in, on their patio, or go, you’ll get to indulge in the same delicious slow-cooked high-end meats. Everything is prepared in-house by their pitmaster, who also happens to be the world’s most decorated. Don’t miss out on this barbeque gem, Clark Crew BBQ.

  • 3510 Northwest Expy, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States
  • +1 4057248888
  • Sunday – Thursday, 11:00 AM – 9:00 PM. Friday and Saturday, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM.

3. Earl’s Rib Palace

Earl's Rib Palace

Earl’s Rib Palace

  • 6816 N Western Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73116, United States
  • +1 4058439922
  • Monday–Saturday, 10:30 AM –8:00 PM.

4. Edge Craft

Edge Craft

No matter if you’re craving barbeque eats on the week day or game day, this Oklahoma City spot will be all you need. Edge Craft is a large open-concept space where they smoke and serve some of the best barbeque around.

Here, you’ll get to experience a truly local restaurant that features only the highest quality ingredients, all made in-house to bring you delicious food every time. Order the succulent slow-smoked meats by the pound, with sides, or on a sandwich and their menu features plenty of options.

Prime brisket, pork ribs, jalapeno sausage, pulled pork and more. They even offer catering and host parties when you need to feed a crowd. Stop in and discover what makes Edge Craft one of the best names in barbeque.

  • 1920 Linwood Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73106, United States
  • Thursday – Saturday, 11:00 AM –6:00 PM. Sunday – Wednesday, Closed.
  • +1 405-768-2970

5. George’s Happy Hog Bar-B-Q

This lowkey restaurant is a hidden gem when it comes to delicious slow-smoked meats. George’s Happy Hog Bar-B-Q features a menu of classic eats from ribs to pulled pork and more.

This spot is a local go-to for some of the most succulent, fall-off-the-bone, slow-cooked meats in OKC. Their ribs are a must-try item on the menu, whether full ribs or rib tips. Plus, they serve up homemade sides and desserts like peach cobbler to make it a meal.

George’s Happy Hog Bar-B-Q will quickly become your favorite too.

  • 712 Culbertson Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, United States
  • +1 4055258111
  • Monday – Saturday, 11:00 AM –7:00 PM.

6. Iron Star Urban Barbecue

Iron Star Urban Bbq

This local OKC spot is the perfect stop when you’re in the mood for a more urban, updated version of your classic Oklahoma barbeque. Iron Star Urban Barbeque offers a menu of quality house-smoked BBQ eats plus prime rib and other gourmet comfort foods in an upscale urban setting.

While most barbeque places are more laid back and casual, this spot offers a more unique take on traditional slow-smoked meats. Every day of the week, they feature special items not found at other barbeque joints, like smoked red chicken chili enchiladas or beef tenderloin meatloaf.

Indulge in a more upscale version of your favorite barbeque plates at Iron Star Urban Barbeque.

  • 3700 N Shartel Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, United States
  • +1 4055245925
  • Sunday – Monday, 11:00 AM –9:00 PM.

7. Jack’s Bar-B-Q

Jack's Bar B Q

Here you’ll get the opportunity to indulge in an Oklahoma City staple when it comes to barbecue. Jack’s Bar-B-Q is a laid-back spot on the roadside that’s been open since 1963. While you can find great barbeque all around the city, this joint stands out because of the hickory wood they use to smoke their meat.

They’ve even been voted as one of the top three ribs in the city along with being featured in local publications. On the menu with ribs, you’ll find brisket, pulled pork, smoked BBQ chicken, and more, all served with your favorite southern sides. Jack’s Bar-B-Q is the spot to stop for all your favorite All-American cuisine.

  • 4418 NW 39th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73112, United States
  • Monday – Saturday, 11:00 AM –7:00 PM. Closed Sunday.
  • +1 405-605-7790

8. King’s Custom Smoked Meats

King's Custom Smoked Meats

Eat like American royalty at this traditional OKC style barbeque joint. King’s Custom Smoked Meats is a family-friendly restaurant where the whole group can stop to indulge in tasty slow-smoked meats.

Everything on the menu is crafted in house using only the best local ingredients, and you can tell the difference. The meat options are diverse too so no matter what you’re craving, they’ve got you covered. From pulled pork and sliced brisket to Polish sausage and even catfish.

Also, save room for the southern sides and dessert options. King’s Custom Smoked Meats will quickly become one of your new favorites for any meal.

  • 2410 N Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73107, United States
  • Tuesday – Thursday, 11:00 AM –8:00 PM. Friday – Saturday, 11:00 AM –9:00 PM. Saturday, 11:00 AM –7:00 PM. Monday, Closed.
  • +1 405-294-2160

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