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How Much Steak per Person?

How Much Steak per Person?

It is important to keep portion size in mind because it helps people figure out how much to give not only to themselves during a meal but also to the other guests (if ones are attending).

If you use portion size recommendations, it can help the chances of you under-eating or overeating, both of which can lead to weight gain.

People use portion sizes for a lot of foods, including meat like steak. In this article, you will figure out how much steak a person eats, if you can eat too much, and finally, the benefits of eating it!

How Much Steak Does Each Person Get?

If you are getting meat that is a steak cut, then you are getting it from the part of the animal that is chock full of muscle fibers.

There are many different types of steak, but one of the most common ones in the states is the one that comes from cows or cattle.

Depending on the type of beef you are getting is what will tell you how much you should give per person.

For a steak cut or something similar, you should be getting about ½ pound or 8 ounces per person. If the bone is in, then you need ¾ or 12 ounces.

The reason you need to get more per person if you are getting the bone is that the meat can shrink with the bone-in.

Steak can be pricey depending on the type you get, so always shop around and figure out which one will work best with your particular budget. Hey, if you can save money, you should!

Can You Eat Too Much Steak?

Beef is red meat, and having too much red meat can cause issues for your body. This includes:

  • Eating a lot of red meat can cause you to be at risk for a bunch of different diseases like type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and colorectal cancer, among other types, and finally, stroke. All of these things can have huge impacts on your health. Some of them can even lead to your death if you aren’t careful enough. What is the best way to avoid all of these things? Well, by not eating a lot of red meat, of course.
  • Depending on the kind of red meat you are eating, the risk can be greater if you aren’t careful enough. If you are eating unprocessed red meat every day, then this gives you a 13 percent increased chance of dying from cardiovascular disease or cancer. Now if you are eating processed red meat, this goes all the way up to 20 percent! This is a great reason to always eat food in moderation and not overdo it. Cancer and heart diseases are already a problem for a lot of us, so there is no reason to add to the risk if we can help it.
  • Finally, red meat is high in cholesterol, sodium, and saturated fats. All of this can be bad for your health, and one problem that can arise is high cholesterol. This is an issue because there aren’t any symptoms of this. The only way to tell if you even have this is to go to the doctor and have them perform a blood test.

These are all the risks that can come about with eating red meat but fear not because there are also a lot of benefits as long as you do so in moderation.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Steak?

After learning about all the risks of eating too much red meat, we are sure you are ready to learn about all the benefits. They include:

  • Steak has a lot of protein in it. It’s one of the foods that has the best amount of protein. The reason why protein is so important for you is that it keeps parts of your body in good health, which includes hair, bones, nails, skin, blood, and cartilage. It keeps the outside and inside of you in good and healthy working condition!
  • Another great thing about steak is that it gives your body a lot of iron. Lack of iron in the body can cause a lot of issues, such as making you weak or dizzy. This is more commonly known as anemia.
  • There are a lot of micronutrients in steak besides iron. This includes zinc, selenium, and B vitamins. All of these help your body function properly and remain healthy.
  • Did you know that steak is also good for your mental health? While some more research does need to be done, it can help lower the chance of mental health disorders in people depending on how much red meat they consume.
  • Finally, steak can even improve your smile. The reason for this is that red meat helps promote your oral health. It’s because of the phosphorus in red meat, which helps protect bones, and your teeth are bones. If you didn’t know that before, well, you know now!

So here are the top five benefits of eating steak or red meat in general. There are other ways to get red meat, but steak is a good way to get some red meat into your system because of how common it is.

Cook it up once a week or so, and you’ll be well on your way to getting healthier or maintaining it.

Final Thoughts

And there you go, all you steak lovers out there! We touched on how much each person should get if you can eat too much, and finally, what are the benefits of eating steak in the first place!

It’s always best if you do things in moderation because doing things in excess is never a good thing. This is especially true when it comes to food.

The best way to avoid this is by following portion sizes, which could lead to excessive weight gain in the end.

If you aren’t used to portioning sizes, give it a few months, and then you’ll be an expert at doling them out!

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