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How Much Prime Rib per Person?

How Much Prime Rib per Person?

If you are cooking something, then you want to keep portion size in mind. The reason for this is overeating.

This can have a lot of negative effects on your body, and if you end up snacking, then you could also end up overeating. Either way, it is not good for you!

You don’t have to worry because you can fix the problem by learning the correct portion size for the meals you are preparing. One food people do this with is meat like prime rib, and in this article, you’ll learn how much to give each person, plus more!

What Is Prime Rib?

So, before you can figure out how much prime rib each person gets, you need to know just what it is in the first place. Prime rib comes from a cow, and to be specific, it comes from the upper midsection of a cow.

It can come in either bone-in or without the bone. It just depends on what you want to use. If you do happen to get the bone-in, it will help give it some more flavor, which boneless can lack to an extent.

The reason prime is added to the name of the meat is that it is graded prime by something called the USDA or the United States Department of Agriculture.

Please keep in mind that if you happen to be buying prime-cut meat of any kind, then it’s going to be awfully expensive. Hey, if you want something better than all the rest, sometimes you are going to have to pay more.

In times of inflation, this can be a difficult thing to stomach, so if you can’t afford a prime cut of meat, don’t feel bad. Perhaps you can try saving up and then be able to splurge on a meal that will let you cook prime rib for yourself and/or guests.

How Much Prime Rib Does Each Person Get?

So, you know what prime rib is, but now you have to figure out just how much people are going to get in the first place.

Because of the expensive nature of prime rib, you may balk at the idea of portion size in general, but a great way to circumnavigate this is just to prepare it for yourself and/or a small group of people.

It’s recommended that every person should have about 1 pound per person. So, if you end up buying a bone-in one, a two-pound prime rib will feed about two people. Two people per bone are what you want to keep in mind.

Again, we know it is expensive, so you may just feel like buying a one-pound prime rib and making it for yourself. It’s still a decent amount of money, but it at least gives you a meal.

Can You Eat Too Much Prime Rib?

Unfortunately for you, there is such a thing as eating too much prime rib. The risks of eating too many ribs include:

  • Prime rib has a lot of calories in it. This is because it is high in fat, and anything high in fat is going to have a decent amount of calories. For a 3-ounce serving, there are 300 calories, so imagine if you were eating a 9-ounce serving. This would mean you were taking in nearly 900 calories, which is a little too much for one meal!
  • One issue with eating too much prime rib is that it has a lot of cholesterol. To put it in perspective, if you end up eating one serving, you are taking in 72 milligrams of cholesterol. This is about 24 percent of what you should take in per day, so too much prime rib is not going to be good for your body in the long run.

The great thing about prime rib is it is awfully expensive. This means you aren’t likely to buy it all the time and won’t be able to eat it in excessive amounts. Mostly, you’ll be eating it in moderation, which will help you reap a few benefits from eating this expensive cut of meat.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Prime Rib?

There are a few benefits to eating prime rib. This includes:

  • Prime rib has a lot of protein. It is a complete protein, and this means that it has all nine essential amino acids. So, if you want food that is a complete protein, we suggest getting prime rib if you can afford it.
  • Besides protein, Prime Rib has a lot of minerals. It’s high in zinc especially, which is great because it can help your immune system stay healthy! Hey, you want to have a healthy immune system. This is something that helps you live longer.
  • Finally, prime rib also has vitamins in it as well. Prime rib has a lot of B vitamins. To be specific, it has b-12, which helps the formation of your blood cells.

These are the three biggest benefits of eating prime rib. It might not be feasible to have prime rib at least once a week. Perhaps, trying once a month will be more feasible for some, if not a good amount of people.

The biggest takeaway, however, should be that you can get a decent amount of benefits from eating prime rib. Meat truly is a great thing to add to your diet!

Final Thoughts

And there you go, all your prime rib lovers out there! Should you decide to cook, then you know how much portion size to give out to people. You don’t want to end up giving too much or too little. The same goes for you.

Another thing we wanted to touch on is what happens if you eat too much prime rib, the benefits of eating it as well, and finally, what prime rib is in the first place.

Hey, it helps to know a little about the food you are cooking! When it comes to food, transparency is the key to enjoying it.

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