The 10 Best BBQ in South Carolina

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South Carolina-style BBQ is one of the best BBQ in the entire country. It is prepared with a thin vinegar or ketchup-based sauce marination. The result is a unique tangy flavored BBQ meat that is tender and juicy. The Louis Memphis dry rubs and traditional Texas-style BBQ are among the best BBQs you can find in restaurants in South Carolina.

If you’re in town for the best BBQ experience, here is our list of the top 10 best BBQ in South Carolina that you should try.

Best BBQ in South Carolina

Scott’s Bar-B-Que

Scott’s Bar-B-Que is an old BBQ joint that serves pit-roasted pork & chicken, with delicious sides including boiled peanuts. The restaurant has an interesting rustic décor. The whole hog BBQ is simply wow.

The meat is moist, and ribs have a deep aroma that makes you fall in love with it. The sauces they serve with the BBQ are delicious. Servers are very friendly and serve everything with a big smile.

The prices are very affordable, and BBQ meat is sold by the pound. If you want to meet incredible people, enjoy delicious food, and have a fun day, Scott’s Bar-B-Que is the place to go!

  • 2734 Hemingway Hwy #5420, Hemingway, SC 29554, United States
  • Wednesday, 9:30 AM –5 AM. Thursday – Saturday, 9:30 AM –7 PM
  • +1 8435580134

Rodney Scott’s BBQ – Charleston

Rodney Scott's Bbq – Charleston

Rodney Scott’s BBQ – Charleston is a counter-serve restaurant to enjoy Lowcountry-style slow-smoked BBQ meats, including pulled pork, ribs, and brisket. The restaurant is simple off the charts good, and there is nothing you would want any different. The whole hog pork is super delicious.

There is a line of people waiting on a busy day, so it is good to show up early or book a table. The restaurant won the Hames Beard award, and your experience of eating at this restaurant shows you that it was well-deserved.

  • 1011 King St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States
  • Monday – Sunday, 11 AM –9 PM
  • +1 8439909535

Sweatman’s Barbeque

Sweatman’s Barbeque is a charming old farmhouse that a local family runs. They serve all-you-can-eat BBQ in a rustic setting. Although, the southern sides served with BBQ are delicious, you cannot forget their hash. This place is worth a visit if you are heading to Charleston.

The hall where everyone is seated is huge. The minute you walk in the door, you are received by a friendly waiter, and the smell of BBQ makes you hungrier.

  • 1427 Eutaw Rd, Holly Hill, SC 29059, United States
  • Friday and Saturday, 11:30 AM –8 PM
  • +1 8034961227

The Southern Belly BBQ

The Southern Belly Bbq

The Southern Belly BBQ is a snug BBQ place in Harden St that serves a variety of reimagined pork sandwiches with innovative toppings & sauces.

Their BBQ sandwiches are iconic, and they are huge. The place gets filled up quickly, but the wait staff knows how to keep all the customers happy.

  • 819 Harden St, Columbia, SC 29205, United States
  • Monday – Sunday, 11 AM –10 PM
  • +1 8037643512

Lewis Barbecue

Lewis Barbecue

Lewis Barbecue is a Texas-style BBQ joint that serves house-smoked meats in an industrial-hip space that also has a bar. For a reasonable price, you can enjoy your favorite cut of meat BBQ.

They have nice outdoor seating as well, so on a day when the weather is pleasant, ask for outdoor seating.

  • 464 N Nassau St, Charleston, SC 29403, United States
  • Friday and Saturday, 11 AM –10 PM. Monday – Thursday and Sunday, 11 AM –9 PM
  • +1 8438059500

Henry’s Smokehouse

Henry's Smokehouse

Henry’s Smokehouse is a tiny roadside setting in Wade Hampton Blvd famous for its smoked meats and other barbecue fares. On the tiny roadhouse restaurant, you are seated on outdoor tables and served delicious BBQ. It is one of those rare places where the food is above and beyond expectations.

If you look at it from the outside, you might think that it is a pocket-friendly restaurant that serves average food. But the food is finger-licking good. Mac and cheese are scrumptious with the BBQ. They also have great sweet potato casserole. The banana pudding is a must-try dessert.

  • 240 Wade Hampton Blvd, Greenville, SC 29609, United States
  • Monday – Saturday, 11 AM –8 PM
  • +1 8642327774

Shuler’s Bar-B-Que

Shuler’s Bar-B-Que is a cabin-like space that serves South Carolina–style pulled pork & ribs. They have a small pond, and you can look at the lake fish and turtles while eating BBQ. The BBQ buffets are great if you want to eat BBQ like a beast.

They are only open on a few days of the week, so be prepared to eat at a packed place, the place is worth a stop. If you are craving excellent BBQ ribs, brisket, or pulled pork, Shuler’s Bar-B-Que has everything you need!

  • 419 SC-38, Latta, SC 29565, United States
  • Thursday – Saturday, 11:30 AM –8 PM
  • +1 8437524700

Swig & Swine

Swig & Swine

Swig & Swine is a funky BBQ spot just on the road on Savannah highway that serves house-smoked meats, and creative sides served in a funky spot.

They have outdoor seating to enjoy the beautiful weather and a variety of beer & bourbon. They have authentic BBQ, blue cheese, and cheese mayo dressings to dip your tender BBQ and delicious appetizers.

The grilled cheese sandwich is heavenly. The Brunswick stew is also incredible; it has a light broth taste and a strong flavor of canned mixed vegetables. The portions are huge, so you can take away your leftovers home with you.

  • 1217 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407, United States
  • Monday – Sunday, 11 AM – 9 PM
  • +1 8432253805

Bobby’s BBQ and Catering

Bobby's Bbq And Catering

Bobby’s BBQ and Catering is a great BBQ place in Fountain Inn that serves BBQ platters and sandwiches in a fun setting. The inside of the restaurant is minimalistic and clean.

The food is heavenly, and the service is top-notch. The portions are huge, and two people can enjoy the ribs platter for one. The brisket sandwich and beef ribs sandwich are delicious.

  • 1301 N Main St, Fountain Inn, SC 29644, United States
  • Thursday – Saturday, 11 AM –8 PM
  • +1 8644092379

Home Team BBQ

Home Team Bbq

Home Team BBQ is a bustling tavern on Ashley River Road serving generous portions of smoked meat with southern sides and beer. They have live music nights, and the atmosphere is fun.

If you are looking to have some fun at a BBQ place with the homies, Home Team BBQ is one of the best BBQ places in Charleston.

  • 1205 Ashley River Rd, Charleston, SC 29407, United States
  • Monday-Sunday, 11 AM – 12 AM
  • +1 8432257427

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