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Where Are Blaze Grills Made?

Blaze Grills has quite an interesting history. It first started in 1998 when Michael Hackley and his wife created a BBQ supplies store.

Around two years later, the brand shifted to an online one called BBQ Guys.

The actual Blaze Grill did not come around until 2012 when Mike Hinckley teamed up with Corey Tisdale to launch Blaze Outdoor Products, a grill manufacturing company.

Currently, it is owned by the Brand Velocity Partners after being bought by them in 2020.

Brand Velocity Partners are a private equity company. Its focus is on brand marketing and development.

When the product was first launched, it was created in the United States.

However, like usual, the products ended up being manufactured in China because it’s cheaper to create products overseas rather than domestically.

It is just the direction business has been going for the past few decades.

In China, product manufacturing is overseen by the company Charter Enterprises.

Does Blaze Grills Have a USA Headquarters?

The Blaze Grills company does have a headquarters in the USA. It is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where it continues to operate even today.

While the products are entirely made over in China, there are actual people still employed by the headquarters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The Blaze Grills company is still as popular as it was twenty years ago and shows no sign of stopping.

Because of this, do not expect the headquarters in Baton Rouge to shut its doors soon.

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