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Where Are Coyote Grills Made?

The Coyote Grill Brand came onto the scene back in 2010. Compared to some of the other brands that exist, this makes the Coyote Grill seem like it is still in its infancy!

Jim Ginocchi was the one who first created this particular brand, and it continues to be created even today.

Think that the Coyote brand only makes grills? Well, you need to think again! They offer other products for outdoor cooking.

By all of them and you’ll have quite the setup in your backyard. It could even make your neighbors envious of your fabulous backyard.

The Coyote Grills are only engineered and designed in the US. For manufacturing, this takes place in Asia.

In fact, all the manufacturing takes place overseas in Asia. Coyote Grills is transparent about this and does not hide the fact that the products are made overseas.

Where in Asia Are the Coyote Grills Made?

It is not completely known where in Asia the Coyote Grills are manufactured.

It is known that it is somewhere in Asia, but unknown what a specific country or countries. A good, educated guess would be China.

Most of the grill brands that have shifted to overseas production do so in China or Taiwan.

So, Coyote Grills could be manufactured in China like all the other grill products seem to be.

Unfortunately, this is not a concrete fact and is nothing more than an educated guess. Further research is needed to produce a definitive answer.

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