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Where Are Napoleon Grills Made?

Napoleon Grills first jumped onto the market in the 1980s in Canada through two German Immigrants. It is a story that truly incorporates the American… I mean the Canadian dream.

The creators could create an extremely popular brand that did not just focus on grills.

It also manufactured other items such as heaters, stoves, and fireplaces. However, today, they are especially known for their grills.

Given that Napoleon Grills were created in Canada, you would assume that they would also be manufactured in Canada as well.

Well, your assumption is correct! According to the official website itself, The Napoleon Grill is manufactured at two locations in North America: Ontario, Canada, and Kentucky, USA.

Despite this, there are some grill parts that are outsourced from overseas or some that are made completely overseas.

Napoleon ensures it owns all these overseas manufacturing centers from its base in Ontario, Canada.

This is a change considering when we usually discover the answer to this question, the majority, if not all, of its products are created overseas!

What Country Are Some of the Napoleon Grills Manufactured In?

The countries where some of The Napoleon Grills are made include China and Taiwan.

Recall that Napoleon says these manufacturing places in these countries are not run by third-party countries but by the actual company itself in its native Ontario, Canada.

This is information that Napoleon Grills are completely upfront about. It’s listed right on their website! You really can’t get more upfront than that.

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