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Where Are Kamado Joe Grills Made?

The interestingly named Kamado Joe Grills were created in Atlanta, Georgia in 2009.

Bobby Brennan and Kerry Coker were the ones who thought of this popular grill.

In the year 2018, the company was gained by Dominus Capita, which had invested in such businesses like Masterbuilt Manufacturing and Smoke Hollow

Today, the headquarters of the Kamado Joe Grills is still in Atlanta, Georgia. However, the actual manufacturing takes place in Yixing, China.

Once they are created, they are then imported to the United States of America and sold.

It is expected today for companies to outsource some, if not all, of their manufacturing overseas in order to cut costs and maximize profit.

This really should not come as a surprise to people. Despite this, the products are made with as much quality as ones that are made in the United States.

The only difference is that one is made overseas rather than domestically.

Where Did Kamado Joe Get the Name?

The name Kamado means stove in Japan. Kamado Joe’s Grills are actually based on a traditional Japanese cooking appliance.

It is wood-burning and egg-shaped, with the modern version building upon that original look.

This alone makes the Kamado Joe brand unique. It took a traditional idea and modernized it.

The product is considered to be well crafted, and the best part is that you can do more than just grill on it. You can also bake on it if you desire to do so.

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