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Where Are Rec Tec Grills Made?

Rec Tec Grills were originally founded in 2009 after Traeger’s patent expired. Originally, Traeger’s patent kept other companies from building similar types of grills.

This ended when the patent expired in 2006, giving other companies a chance to use the design and create their own brand.

The Rec Tec Grills are now such a brand. While they now go by the name of recteq, which they changed in 2020, the company still continues to grow and build quality grills for the public.

In the beginning, this company was founded in the owner’s garage. Now when you look at it, you can see how far they have truly come!

In the beginning, they were making grills in their home country, the USA, but it’s a story as old as time.

When companies grow, they want to cut costs so they can make more money. Recteq is no exception to this.

They shifted their manufacturing to China, where they could make their grills at a lower price while still also keeping the good quality they were known for.

The company is very transparent about this, so at least there is that. Some companies won’t even admit to it!

Are Any Parts Still Made in the USA?

The manufacturing is mostly done in China. However, the actual computers and quality control done on the grills are done in their headquarters in Georgia.

Instead of all, it being mostly in China, it is more of a collaboration between the two countries.

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