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Where Are Grilla Grills Made?

When Grilla Grills was first created over 40 years ago, it had nothing to do with making grills or anything associated with cooking.

For many, many years, this family-run business was working as a metal processing company in Holland, Michigan.

Their focus was on the automotive and construction industries before deciding to create a grill.

For three years after its creation, Grilla Grills was made in the United States of America, but after some discussion, the manufacturing was moved to China.

This is something the creators are completely transparent about. They even say the product is made in China right on their website, which you can find here.

Although Grilla Grills does a majority of its manufacturing in the country of China, there are still some things that are created in their native Holland, Michigan factory.

This includes extra hardware and accessories for the Grilla Grills.

Why Did Grilla Grills Move Its Manufacturing to China?

The reason Grilla Grills moved its manufacturing to China is because of the usual reason you’d suspect: profit.

When it was being made in the USA, the manufacturing costs ended up being exorbitant.

If they had not shifted the manufacturing overseas, then the company would have had to close its doors and stop making grills.

This was the last thing the family business wanted to do, so they ended up signing a deal with a Chinese Grill manufacturer soon after the original three years were up.

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